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Packaging Machinery Basics Seminar

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Packaging Machinery Basics Seminar


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In 2006 John Henry was asked by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) to develop an introductory course on packaging machinery. He has been presenting The Packaging Machinery Basics Seminar twice a year ever since. 

This 2-1/2 day seminar is presented at Frain Industries in Carol Stream IL, convenient to Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Frain's 1.6 million square feet of packaging machine inventory along with their active shop give attendees plenty of opportunity to see a variety of machinery up close and personal. 

Full details are available at The seminar can also be presented in your plant in either English or Spanish.

 Topics covered include:

  • From line-loading to case-sealing
  • Automated vs. semi-automated vs. manual—pros and cons of each
  • Instantaneous vs. sustained speeds
  • Changeover
  • Controls—PLCs, HMIs, servo motors, smart machines, displays, sensors
  • Flexible packaging machines—form/fill/seal, bundling, wrapping
  • Semi-rigid—thermoforms, cartons, cases, tray packers
  • Rigid—plastic, glass, tubes, cans
  • Cappers and labeling
  • Robots in packaging
  • Automated package inspection, verification and RFID
  • Machine vision, inspection
  • Understanding documentation
  • Principles of packaging line design

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